Regenerative Orthopedics

Internship position: development of an ex vivo model for local delivery and joint regeneration

Are you a motivated and creative MSc student looking for an exciting research internship position?

Project description: we have a position within the VHH-MARS project where we develop a drug delivery platform to deliver RNA therapeutics in a targeted manner for the eventual treatment of inflamed joints, an important hallmark of the disease osteoarthritis.

For this internship project, you will mainly work with murine and bovine cadavers and tissues. The aim is to develop, characterize, and validate an ex vivo joint model that can be used to culture and study local drug delivery.

You will experience:

  • cell and tissue culture
  • working with rat cadavers
  • histological techniques (tissue processing, sectioning, biochemical stainings and immunohistochemistry)
  • biochemical assays and PCR
  • confocal microscopy

Supervisor: dr. Lizette Utomo

Starting date: to be discussed, preferably mid november 2024

Duration: at least 6 to 12 months months

Eligibility: students enrolled at Utrecht University studying Regenerative Medicine and Technology (RMT), Cardiovascular Health and Disease (CVHD), Bio Inspired Innovation (BII), Infection & Immunology (I&I), or Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences (MCLS) have priority. Technical Medicine (UTwente/Delft) students are also welcome to apply.

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