Regenerative Orthopedics


April 2024: an update of the iPSpine journey
March 2022: 3D-printed implants for companion animals (Dutch)
March 2022: NWO Vici grant for Marianna (Dutch)
April 2021: Working towards animal-free innovations (Dutch)
Feb 2020: Learn about the differences and similarities of a hernia in man’s best friend in De Universiteit van Nederland (Dutch)
Feb 2020: the story of iPSpine, an EU-funded H2020 project coordinated by Marianna Tryfonidou on the development of a novel therapy for chronic back pain.
April 2020: Marianna Tryfonidou answers all  the questions of curious pupils during the online version of Meet the Professor (Dutch)
April 2017: Women in Science
March 2022: Michelle talks about the first dog patient treated with joint distraction (Dutch; around min. 22)
April 2021: Lecture of Frances Bach who won the Provinciaal Utrechts Genootschap (PUG) Award 2021 for best doctoral thesis (Dutch)
Aug 2018: Radio interview with Marianna Tryfonidou on the EU-funded iPSpine project (Dutch)
Feb 2013: Marianna discusses her research in De Wereld Leert Door (Dutch)