Regenerative Orthopedics

Joost von Hegedus, MSc – Researcher Life Science

Joost obtained his master’s degree Biomedical sciences from Utrecht university. After obtaining his master’s degree, he started his PhD on the regulation of the immune response by unsaturated lipid mediators in the context of the osteoarthritic joint under the supervision of Prof. René Toes from the Rheumatology department at the Leiden university hospital. At Utrecht University, Joost is currently involved in multiple projects that focus on finding new treatment strategies for osteoarthritis with a one health approach. Research interests include innate immunology, lipids, animal science and cell-microenvironment interactions.

Past student supervision:

  • Annette van den Berg (UU; MSc Biology of Disease)

Current supervision:

  • Ann-Sofie Scheike (PhD candidate UU)